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I'm Richard.


I'm a pyrographer. I haven't always been that as I was a painter and calligrapher before I took up the fire pen.


I studied art at Winchester before moving to Sweden and establishing myself as an artist and graphic designer. 

On my return to the UK, I lived for a short while in Brechfa, near Carmarthen, before relocating to Corris Uchaf in Gwynedd, where I worked in the Corris Craft Centre for twenty years.


I studied calligraphy from the age of eleven under the tutelage of Jack Northeast, who had been a student of Edward Johnston, the father of modern calligraphy.

My other tutor, Alan Barron Renton, taught me the more adventurous side of lettering and graphic design.


Apart from all the usual pens that one might associate with calligraphy, I also learned to cut my own quills and make my ink from scratch.


Email -

Tel - +44 (0)7814 080500

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